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Fix a Dying Relationship


From your viewpoint as a soft-hearted lady involved in a less-than-triumphant romance, nearly the only way for you to obtain fix-dying-relationship satisfaction is that the perpetrator of wrongdoings will find the wherewithal to come back and tell you that he is sincerely sorry and will not commit such offenses again. Once this information convincingly comes across, you will then think about going back to the place where the two of you were experiencing enjoyment, love, peacefulness, and lots of smiles.

These are the simplistic things that make the most lasting impression upon your heart and mind, and you can probably admit that you would give nearly your last drop of blood to experience such pleasures again with him. Your greatest joy would be that your lover and you could stay together always.

This is your emotional and philosophical motto as a soft-hearted female, and even when finding yourself in need of fix-dying-relationship help, you basically remain gentle, loving, and kind, even towards those who may harbor slightly ulterior motives toward you. Oddly enough, however, as a true soft-hearted woman, you remain kind, yet you are not

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Relationship Tips For A New Romance


Starting a new relationship is exciting. There are so many mixed emotions involved. Other than excitement, you get the hope of a perfect, flourishing relationship that may last forever, and of course, there’s always that fear of having things not work out.

Whatever feelings you may have, only one thing remains; you hope for the best for your new-found relationship and will do everything you can for it to last. But, doing so isn’t easy. It does not happen like magic, you have to work at it for it to last. It takes time and effort. This will only work as long as you enjoy each other’s company, have the genuine desire to know each other well, and the patience to make the relationship for keeps.

Here are relationship tips that may help you get those wedding bells ringing in the near future:

Build A Strong Friendship

All things must begin somewhere, and for achieving that perfect relationship, you have to build a solid foundation of friendship. They say opposites attract, but there should be at

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Relationships Tips


When I want relationships tips, I have learned to look for folks who focus on strengths and I look for folks who have a long track record of research.

Researchers are curious folks, who have learned to apply the scientific method to questions they have, and I really value the insights those folks gather up.

I have been involved in domestic violence psycho-eduction for about 20 years now, and family violence is a serious issue with long lasting repercussions for the perpetrator, the victim, and the children who may witness it, or who live in stress.

As part of my program, I have always taught skills so that when my clients leave my program, they know the difference between power and control relationships and offering choice in relationship.

The researchers whose work has been most valuable to me over the years have been John Gottman,Ph.D., and his wife Julie Gottman, LCSW., and Doc Childre and his Heartmath folks, and more recently, I have grown to really appreciate the work of Helen Fisher, Ph.D. and most recently, Robert Epstein, Ph.D., has thrown us a challenge

How to Save a Relationship Tips 3 Basic Tips You Must Absolutely Know to Get Your Ex Back

Relationship is probably one of the most important areas of our lives, yet most people do not know how to deal with a relationship break up. This is not your fault. The truth is, nobody taught us about how to deal with a break up in school. Therefore, it is only normal that we do not know what to do when the crisis happens.

That is why it is so important for you to learn this knowledge elsewhere. If you are looking for ‘how to save relationship tips’ because you are clueless about how to save your relationship and stop your break up, then you will certainly learn something here.

First and foremost, it is important for you to be aware of some of the most common breakup mistakes so that you will not make them out of ignorance. By avoiding these mistakes, you will give yourself a better chance to get back together with your ex.

One of the most common mistakes is that people tend to commit acts of desperation. Desperation is certainly not cool and it can be quite repulsive. For example, calling your ex 100 times per day or begging your

Relationship Tips For Men Are You Keeping Your Woman Happy

Let’s face it, sometimes guys need a little help when it comes to keeping a woman happy and a few relationship tips for men may be all that they need.

Do you ever bring her flowers just because? What about setting up a romantic candle light dinner spontaneously? These little things will do a lot to make her happy and show her just how much she really means to you.

Believe or not almost all women would love to have her guy just grab her kiss her romantically. It will be a nice surprise and she’ll even wonder what you are up to but more than likely it will make her feel really good inside. There’s even a good chance she’ll think about it for a long time to come if you do it right.

Just doing a few simple things that won’t really take too much thought or effort will mean so much to her so don’t you think it’s worth just taking a few extra steps to make her happy.

Write a silly poem and read it to her during dinner. Don’t worry if it isn’t some perfectly romantic ode, just do

Relationship Tips How to Recognize Irrational Jealousy

When you love someone, it comes with strong feelings. You may not be used to dealing with such a range of intense emotions, and feelings like jealousy can be especially disconcerting. Sometimes, just the feeling of jealousy can seem like enough evidence to prove that your partner has done something wrong. Before you point a finger, here are some relationship tips to help you recognize irrational jealousy.

Irrational jealousy can be your past in disguise
When you’re feeling jealous, take some time to figure out if what you’re experiencing is about what is going on right now, or if it is a reaction to something that your partner or someone else did in the past. What images are coming up? What feelings are you having? Do they point to something current, or are they speaking in black and white terms? Absolutes, like “They always do this to me”, “I can never trust them”, or “People always hurt me” are either signals of deep general mistrust or of being stuck in the past.

Irrational jealousy can be a need to control
Sometimes, when you’re jealous of someone it is because you are feeling out of control of

5 Dating And Relationship Tips

A first date is always a nervous time for both of you. It’s a journey into the unknown, but also a journey that offers excitement and reward. With my 5 dating and relationship tips, I’m going to tell you how to make the best of that first date. And how to ensure you get more than just one date, to go on and build up a loving and long-lasting relationship.

1. Distinguish yourself from the ordinary – be different. Don’t use the usual clich├ęs, or make it obvious you are more interested in her body than her mind. Treat her as a real person. Hold eye contact and speak in normal conversational terms. You’ll surprise her.

2. Speak to her about her. Everyone likes the word “you,” and she will be instantly flattered if you want to learn more about her. Ask about her likes and dislikes. Ask about things she’s done, places she’s visited, her ambitions and dreams, etc, etc.

3. Compliment her. But don’t go overboard. Be subtle and honest. The occasional genuine compliment is worth far more than a barrage of compliments on anything and everything.

4. Use the right body

Long Distance Relationship Tips

Have you suddenly found yourself having to deal with being apart from your partner? Is the loneliness almost too much to bare? Keep reading this article to uncover some long distance relationship tips.

Long distance romances can and do work very well, they just need a little extra effort from both parties involved. Working to a plan, like meeting in person say once a month and talking multiple times a day is a great way to start. As the time apart grows you will both get into a routine and things will seem clearer.

As distance relationships are generally harder to maintain, there are some benefits as well. Once you realize how fortunate you actually are to have a partner willing to do what it takes to succeed, you won’t waste time pining away.

People just find themselves in a long distance relationship for one reason or another, no one actually chooses to be. Communication would have to be the most important aspect of being apart, luckily cell phones and computers have bridged that gap beautifully. If possible set up web cams on both computers and speak face to face as if you were in

Loving Relationship Tips For Greater Intimacy

Use loving relationship tips for greater intimacy with your partner. Relationship tips, as will also be referred to as love tips, can do wonders for couples seeking higher consciousness of intimacy. The tips may help strengthen the bond between partners as well as recognizing and honoring self.

What are the requirements for greater intimacy?

It is very important that both individuals are willing to participate. It would be quite difficult, if not impossible, if one partner is committed and the other has little or no interest. Each must acknowledge that the foundation of their togetherness is love and that their journey involves full commitment, sincerity, respect and dignity for each other throughout the relationship. There may be some challenges that may take one out of their comfort zone but by keeping the foundation of love solid accompanied with positive heart to heart communication, those challenges may not seem so difficult.

The Love Tips

Below are some tips below that are to be practiced by both individuals.

Share with your partner all of the wonderful things that you love about them and what deeply touches your heart.

Be present (attentive) when your partner

7 Relationship Tips For Novices

If you have entered into a long-term commitment with someone for the first time you may be having some issues now concerning your relationship. Well here are a few relationship tips for novices to help ease your growing pains. Please read these relationship tips for novices if you really want your association to be fruitful for each other.

1. Nobody is perfect. In fact, you probably chose each other on the basis of your imperfections. Sympathy is a very strong motivator and when mutual shortcomings have a part in motivating relationships, it is usually because the goal is to help each other. So don’t expect perfection in your partner, instead, motivate it.

2. Be transparent in all your dealings with your partner. Opaqueness is a quality that is not conducive to sustaining good peer relationships. Once your partner gets used to your routine, don’t suddenly change it without letting him in on why you suddenly decided to do a makeover.

3. Honestly, honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships. Especially, have the maturity and courage to own your mistakes and errors of judgment, even in seemingly inconsequential things. Once you start keeping

Some Really Successful Relationship Tips

Well the relationships are the most expensive investment one makes. In relationships you do not give your money or just time. In them you give your emotions and as far as being human beings is concerned it is most important to have associations which are based on the innate want of being with each other. Be it marriage or an affair, the association which is nothing but an urge to come up with a customary union.

Confused by what I meant by the above statement then let me elaborate. In this world we all our supposed to be with someone and thus there is lot of requirement to seek some kind of completion in the other person. Thus in a relation we need to be reasonable and give the other person their own space. If you tend to be too occupied with the attention of the other person then you may feel choked yourself. Thus, in same manner like you demand your time you should always give the other person their time and allow them to be with their own friends and family from time to time.

Often we look at various aspects like money, same

Dating and Relationship Tips For Women Three No Fail Tips for a First Date

First dates can be pretty nerve racking for some people. With all the dating and relationship tips for woman out there, most women are not sure what to do, say or even how to act. I know how overwhelming it can be, so here are three tips you should follow so you can stop worrying and enjoy the date.

1. Do a Dress Rehearsal: This way when it comes down to the night of the date, you have everything picked out and ready to go and you do not have to worry at all. About two or three days prior to the date, pick out your outfit- try it on and make sure you are comfortable and feel good. You don’t want to run around the night of the date ranting you have nothing to wear. Do your hair, make up and pick out the jewelry you want to wear. When you are on a date and you are stressing about your looks, hair, clothes etc. you are never really mentally on that date. You are so concerned about the superficial things and you spend the evening in your head worried about what you look like and

Three Dating Relationships Tips That Every Man Must Abide By To Date Successfully

Do you want to improve your chances of succeeding in getting a beautiful woman? Then, use my 3 dating relationships tips below. Dating is not something you should just do without thinking in advance about how you want to do it- unless of course you are fond of wasting time.

Your online dating profile and picture

The first thing you should pay attention to when putting together your online dating profile is your picture. In my dating relationships tips I usually urge men to invest a reasonable amount of time to getting their photo (s) right. Make sure the photos you include in the dating profile are an impressive representation of who you are as much as possible.

And just remember that there is nothing cool about an untidy or dishevelled appearance- serious women don’t like men who are sloppy. You must also include more than one photo in your profile so that those women interested in dating you may have a look at you from various angles. However, let me hasten to also point out that in trying to make your photos impressive, guard against any fabrication or exaggeration. If the woman you are

Exciting Relationship Tips on How to Keep Your Man Faithful

These days, a lot of men just cannot stay faithful to their partners and if you want to keep your man faithful, here are some relationship tips from expert couple counselors.

If your man becomes unfaithful, there’s no use in blaming yourself. While you can find many relationship tips from experts, remember that a cheating husband/boyfriend is never your fault – he is the only one to blame for his actions.

While most people believe that men cheat because they can, experts say otherwise. The truth is, men cheat because they are not happy and satisfied with their partners. Basically, men have basic needs – clean shelter, good food, and great sex. If you, as a woman can give him these three basic requirements of your man, you can easily keep your man faithful.

Satisfy his sexual needs

Sex is an important element in marriage and almost all relationship tips from expert marriage counselors will tell you this. Your husband’s desire to have sex with you is one of his ways to express his love. When he wants sex, it simply means that he wants you to feel how much he loves you –

Relationship Tips for Men How to Keep Your Woman Happy

Attracting the woman of your dreams requires hard work and keeping her is even more difficult so in order to make your woman happy, you need some effective relationship tips for men. In reality, beautiful ladies have a lot of options. If you are not keen enough to know what she wants and needs, she might search for someone else who can provide her needs.

Keeping a girl happy and in love with you take constant hard work and effort. It is all about keeping that magic alive. The following relationship for men can help you maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your girl.

Take your lady out to dinner with your friends

In reality, she would love to meet your friends and be with you when you go out with them. This is also a good time to let her know that you and your friends are into clean fun.


Being a man does not mean that you don’t have to listen to her problems. If your girlfriend has said something about your attitude or behavior that she doesn’t like, make sure to listen to her and change it right

Saving a Relationship

Everything is over! Your boyfriend has left you, and you still can not face the situation as it is difficult to accept that your love has broken up everything and has moved on. The only thing that you will wish to do now is to save your relationship. Here are some reliable self help relationship tips.

Normally in these situations, you will seek help of a third party, but remember not everyone will give you good advice for saving relationship, some advices and steps can worsen your relationship. Hence you need to be very careful and at the same time better try to help yourself as no one knows your boyfriend better than you do.

Once you have decided that it is worth saving the relationship; because quite some time there are relationships that you need to forget as they don’t deserve a second thought. But if this is not the case and you have firmly decided that your relationship can’t be broken off so easily, then use the self help relationship tips and fight like you have never fought to get back your boyfriend.

First of all, figure out the problem. It is next

Relationship Tips How To Solve Relationship Problems and Be Happier

You and your spouse can enjoy a happier relationship by dividing duties and responsibilities evenly. Many couples argue and fight over who does what, so division of labor is a hot topic in relationships. Many a relationship ends because one spouse asks too much of the other or takes advantage. How can you avoid the relationship problems and pitfalls associated with division of labor? Relationship help is on the way.

Relationship Tips

First, divide the work up as evenly as possible, so that neither spouse gets short-changed. Negotiate a fair agreement that spells out who will do what. Do you take turns doing the dishes? Who mows the lawn? Who takes the dog to the vet? Who pays for what?

After working with hundreds of couples, I believe division of labor is one of the most important keys to a good relationship. Divide it up so that both partners win. Each of you should be happy with your division of labor agreement.

Second, remember if one partner does too much, the other may do too little. You may enjoy enabling your partner, at first, but it will get old in time, and resentment will

Great and Effective Love Relationship Tips Make Your Love Life Stronger Than Ever

I used to believe love is all that matters. Being a overtly romantic person myself, I have been an avid follower of this belief and as the song goes “Love will keep us alive,” my very idealistic take on love has take its toll on me. Over the years, this belief changed. More and more couples are open to the possibility that even though you do love each other, it’s not a guarantee that you will last. You actually have to work hard for it, and this includes compensation, consideration, respect, trust, understanding, loyalty, faithfulness, patience and determination. See? Love is not the only ingredient for a successful relationship. To make it more diverse, I cam up with a couple of things on my great and effective love relationship tips, handy for all couples who want to make their love life stronger than ever.

– Make room. Do not be too absorbed in your relationship that borders to obsession. Obsession and love are two very different things. Go out with your friends, and let your partner go with theirs. It’s going to be a part of your growth. Balance your life.

– Don’t compare. Never ever

Relationship Tips For Men Who Want to Know How to Keep a Woman Happy

Here are just a few relationship tips for men about how to keep a woman happy. If you think you already know what makes a woman happy, some of these relationship tips may still prove to be useful for you.

One of the first things you need to be aware of is that you should always be yourself. Woman are much more attracted to men who display a lot of self confidence because men who believe in themselves are oh so very sexy. I am sure you have seen guys that are none too attractive with a beautiful woman and this is because she is attracted to his self esteem and personality, which actually make an ugly guy look attractive to some women.

Remember, it’s the little things that really count. If you know she needs help with something, just do it without asking because she will feel like you really do notice what is going on and she will love you for it. Vacuum her car out. Buy a bag of her favorite candy. Just give her a single flower.

Woman do notice and appreciate these things.

Don’t ever take a woman for

How to Be the Best Boyfriend a Woman Can Ever Wish For

The heart of a girl is easily changeable and can even drop like a hot potato in an instant. If you are currently in a relationship, whether old or new, take heed, since you may be doing something that makes your girl think about dating other guys.

Do not feel too at ease; there are several things that guys do not know about the psyche of a girl, which could either make or break relationships. If you want to ensure that your girlfriend stays in love with you, keep reading…

How To Be The Best Boyfriend A Woman Can Ever Wish For – 3 Easy Long Term Relationship Tips You Must Know

Easy Tip Number One: Stop with the neediness. One huge mistake that a lot of guys do is be needy. Girls tend to crave protection when it comes to guys, so you should never ask girls for that since it is something that they need.

Girls can be very compassionate creatures; however, if you are always such a burden, she might look to other guys for the comfort and protection she needs. Remember: girls like guys who are independent, not needy.

Relationship Tips For Men Playing the Dating Games

In today’s world, women’s actions pertaining to dating relationships are slowly and clearly changing. Whether you like this situation or not depends on how you see the evolving roles between men and women. Should a woman be shy and hold back, by playing hard to get while issuing subtle hints? She can, of course, choose to simply stay in her corner and let the guy come to her.

On the other hand, many men appreciate the thrill of the chase in the pursuit of the woman. Once you finally are able to be with her, it’s because there was a time or trying to impress her and bring her to accept you as her man.

Relationship tips for men in handling such games include knowing when and how to act accordingly. It is true that some men are turned on by having to work hard to reach the goal of winning over women who played ‘hard to get’. There is however a chance that if the woman is too unapproachable it may result in the man abandoning his efforts and not returning. Of course this depends on the man, his personality and self-confidence. Generally the more